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  • kstriple6:

    Sensei say in pedal sign that Maki-chan love sweets… 

  • ペダル by あくつみ
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    (Fonte: midou-sushi)

  • ikemen-cafe:

    And some photos near their characters. :)

    Except of Ryo-kun, who is cosplaying Maki-chan. x)

  • aikawachan:

    ペダルのログ  By お髭っ子

    ※Permission was granted by the artist to upload their works.

  • rougeshome:

    I’ll get better at this I promise

  • khajidont:

    i can’t even call this an art blog anymore….

  • haruuuka:

    officer nagisa on duty aka eating all the donuts


    (via uruushiba)